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Three raises mobile prices by 4.5pc

After Vodafone announced scheduled annual price increases, Three now says it will raise prices on contract plans by 4.5pc every April from now on.


Three is raising prices on contract plans by 4.5pc

Three is raising prices on contract plans by 4.5pc

Three is raising prices on contract plans by 4.5pc

Three has become the latest Irish phone firm to announce a price rise.

The company says it apply a 4.5pc price increase every April from now on its contract plans for both mobile plans and broadband.

This will affect anyone upgrading or signing a new contract.

It means that someone signing up to a Three mobile contract at €40 per month will see their bill rise to €41.80 per month from next April and €43.68 from April 2023. It will then keep increasing at 4.5pc every April after that.

The move doesn’t affect the company’s pay-as-you-go or 30-day contract prices. But it does affect contract-based mobile broadband plans.

Three recently overtook Vodafone as Ireland’s largest mobile operator when mobile broadband and ‘machine to machine’ operations are included. Excluding these activities, Vodafone remains the largest mobile operator.

Earlier this year, Vodafone announced a similar move, telling mobile contract customers that it will now apply a price increase every April of 3pc plus whatever Ireland’s official annual inflation rate is.

“Our annual price increases reflect our investment in upgrading our network and services to support growing demand, ensuring the best connection, including bringing customers reliable 4G coverage and rolling out a faster 5G network across Ireland,” Vodafone said at the time.

In September, Eir increased prices on some phone and broadband customers by 8pc.

Recent figures shows Ireland inflation rate surging to 5.4pc for November.

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Ireland’s four main budget mobile operators — GoMo, 48, Lyca and Clear Mobile — have not yet announced any further price increases.

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