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Three new Grand Theft Auto V trailers released

Rockstar has launched three new trailers for the fifth instalment in the Grand Theft Auto franchise.

We’re introduced to each of the three new lead characters – Michael, a rich ex-criminal who’s become bored with his luxury life; Franklin, a teenager from the rough side of town looking to escape; and Trevor, a maniac drug dealer. Each character has his own trailer and all are playable in the game.

We're thrown back into the violent world of Los Santos, a dirty, corrupt version of Los Angeles which has been the setting for the previous four games. The digital city will feature a hugely detailed environment including a fully modelled ocean floor that can the characters can explore.

The basic structure is similar to the series' previous editions, with gameplay featuring a combination of mission completion and city exploration.

There will also be vehicles including a BMX, dirt bikes, mountain bikes, road bikes, cars, jet skis, helicopters and planes.