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Thousands of jobs to be created as transatlantic fibre optic cable lands in west of Ireland


Bartragh Island in Killala Bay, Co Mayo

Bartragh Island in Killala Bay, Co Mayo

Bartragh Island in Killala Bay, Co Mayo

A $300m world class transatlantic fibre optic cable will be installed at Killala in Co Mayo later today.

It is the first time a cable of this type has been connected to the western region of Ireland.

The cable will provide a super fast internet connection and is expected to be a major economic boost for the West.

It is hoped that the digital infrastructure will make way for the potential creation of thousands of jobs in the region

Irish company Aqua Comms own and operate the cable which will run directly from Ross Strand in Killlala to Long Island, New York.

Incredibly, it has the capacity to handle up to 33 per cent of the world's telephone calls and can cover the entire internet traffic of Europe and the US.

The system will facilitate 53.8 millisecond transfer speeds across the Atlantic when it goes live in early 2016.

There is potential to double the cable's capacity within a few years as required.

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"This is a system which will cover the needs of tomorrow, today," Aqua Comms chief financial officer Martin Roche said.

Taoiseach Enda Kenny will today attend the landing of the cable.

He described the launch as a remarkable project.

"It will make the West a key gateway in the flow of information and data across the Atlantic," he said.

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