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This Facebook message prank is a genius way to troll your friends


Credit: Godotify

Credit: Godotify

Credit: Godotify

Waiting hours for a person to reply to a message can be extremely frustrating, but you can now get your own back on them with this new 'infinite typing' app.

Facebook users can lightly troll any friends who are particularly slow to respond with the Godotify app, which makes it seem like you are taking an eternity to reply to a message.

Those annoying three little dots that appear when a person is typing will be visible whenever a person attempts to contact you on the Messenger app; tricking them into thinking you are also writing a message.

Godotify is available to download for Mac OS X and Windows users, with the only point of it being to: “Make everyone who messages you wait... forever.”

It will even monitor exactly how long your friends have been agonisingly waiting for you to respond and also send you a notification when a new person attempts to start a chat with you.

The fun app was created by software engineers Anastasis Germanidis and Iain Nash for The Stupid Hackathon, an event where participants “create projects that have no value whatsoever”, notes The Next Web.

Other ideas put forward for the pointless hackathon include a Beer Selfie Stick, which pours beer on you while taking a selfie, and Eyeball Pong, a pong game which involves users trying not to look at a moving object.

The Facebook chat joke is similar to an iPhone iMessage prank which was widely shared on social media a few years ago and involved sending an infinite text-in-progress GIF to friends.