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Thursday 23 January 2020

'There's no formula in making a viral movie' - YouTube vlogger Casey Neistat at Dublin Tech Summit 2018

Louise Kelly

Dozens of Casey Neistat fans were turned away from his keynote speech at Dublin Tech Summit 2018 as the capacity for the room filled more than an hour before he was due to take the stage.

The American YouTube personality, filmmaker and vlogger Casey Neistat shared his own personal story and advice on storytelling and branding in his 'How to be Heard' presentation. 

Many delegates went to overflow rooms or returned to the main floor of the Dublin Convention Centre where a live stream of his presentation was projected on to screens.

The most popular of the DTS18 guests by far in terms of audience numbers, the co-founder of multimedia company Beme addressed the crowd - some of whom sat on the floor - in a black suit and tie.

Casey admitted that "there is no formula" in making a viral movie, but he just aims to make good footage and hopes they'll have a worldwide reach.

"I have never tried to find success through my career by climbing over the shoulders of others," he said.

With over 8 million YouTube subscribers and over 1 million online followers, Casey's YouTube channel ‘Casey Neistat’ has earned him millions of dollars through billions of viewers globally.

Newstalk's tech correspondent Jess Kelly moderated a 'The Power of Community: Building Brand and Following' panel following the keynote which featured Casey, magician Keith Barry and White House Director of Press Advance for President Barack Obama, Johanna Maska.

Up to 10,000 attendees across almost 70 countries are expect to enter the doors of the Dublin Convention Centre over the next two days for the tech conference.

With the theme "Share ideas, Grow your Network, Become Inspired", DTS18 features keynotes, panels, demonstrations, exhibitions, and a variety of networking opportunities.

Of particular focus is the conference's commitment to advancing certain groups within the industry including students, women in tech and startups.

Keynote speakers representing companies such as Shazam, Microsoft, NASA and The Bitcoin Foundation will explore global technology trends over the next two days.

Eight core themes anchor DTS18, four carried forward from 2017 with additional themes representing new emerging markets: Sustainability, Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, Internet of Things, Big Data, Innovation, Cloud Computing and Fintech.

Since DTS17, Dublin Tech Summit's Women in Tech initiative, created to help tackle the gender imbalance within the tech community has grown hugely and is a major part of this years event.

This year's conference committed to offering discounted tickets to women working in tech, anywhere in the world.

Last year's attendee gender breakdown was 49pc female which DTS maintains is more than double the ratio of other major tech conferences. DTS also have nearly 45pc female speakers.

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