Monday 19 March 2018

The weird and the wonderful at CES 2010

Sony Dash

Dubbed the Personal Internet Viewer, Dash puts weather, news and other information on a device with a seven-inch screen resembling an oversized clock radio. Pity the $200 Dash won't run on battery power though.

Parrot AR.Drone

The ultimate boys' toy, a model helicopter controlled by an iPhone, with the added twist of a camera on board that transmits video back to you. Steeply priced at $500.

TV in a Hat

A baseball cap with a magnifying lens attached to a long brim in which you stow your own iPod. Only $20.

CaseMate Hug

Charge your gadgets without plugs using a mat and special sleeve for your iPhone and (soon) BlackBerry. The Hug has the edge on some rivals because it conforms to a new standard allowing compatibility across gadgets. Only $90.

Que e-reader

The biggest and best of the plethora of Kindle wannabes, the Que has an A4 screen but clocks in at just 0.3-inches thick. Aimed at business people for their documents if they can stomach the $650 cost.

Peregrine Glove

Why type commands on a keyboard when you can make rude gestures with your fingers using a sort of virtual-reality glove? Intended for gamers, the $150 glove could be fun in the office.

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