Sunday 19 November 2017

The top 10 secrets in Apple's iOS 10

Apple executive Craig Federighi announces iOS 10 in June
Apple executive Craig Federighi announces iOS 10 in June
Ronan Price

Ronan Price

THE new iOS 10 update introduces a pile of changes to the iPhone and iPad but not all of them are obvious. We pick some of the more obscure ones that may just make your day.

1) Use your phone as a magnifying glass

This one’s not just for the oldies but if you’ve ever had trouble reading, say, a tiny serial number on one of your gadgets, or needed to take a closer look at anything at all, the Magnifier is for you.

Take a trip to the Accessibility section of the General Settings and set Magnifier to On. Now anytime you need to blow up an image, triple-click the Home button and select Magnifer. The controls enable you to control the zoom, freeze-frame the image, add flash or increase the contrast.


2) Search Safari tabs

IF you’re the sort of person who keeps dozens of tabs open in the Safari web browser, this one will be a godsend. When you need to get back to a particular tab, rotate your phone into landscape mode and tap the tabs icon in the top right. This reveals the stack of open web pages and, more importantly, a search box. Typing in here searches through the titles of the pages only, however, not their contents.


3) Remove default Apple apps

Perhaps you’re just a neat freak, but now you can ditch apps such as Stocks, News and Find My Friends. Where previously you had to hide them away in a folder, now Apple apps can be safely deleted – note that doing so doesn’t free up any storage. But  if you change your mind, they can be easily downloaded again.


4) Add animations to iMessages

You’ll probably get bored of this one quickly, but alongside the beefed-up set of emojis and downloadable stickers, regular iMessages can be enlivened with full-screen animations such as fireworks and flying confetti.

Simply write your message then long-press (or 3D Touch) the send button to reveal the handful of options to accompany your words. Choose between Bubble or Screen, with the former adding a small animation to your message and the latter inserting a full-screen background.

Messages already sent or received can also be annotated with the Facebook-reaction style of icon – again activated by a long press/3D Touch on the message itself.

Note that none of these animations will be available if Reduce Motion is switched off in the Accessibility section of General Settings.


5) Skype, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger now act like regular phone calls

Free voice calls with Skype, etc, rock but the iPhone didn’t treat them like good citizens, burying the notifications away in their apps. Now iOS 10 upgrades the behaviour to recognise internet calls like regular ones.

They get noted in the standard phone call records and incoming calls resemble the usual phone user interface – at least until the call connects. Shame that Siri integration is still lagging behind, though.


6) View two web pages at once in Safari on iPad

An extension of Split View, which enables you to run two apps side by side, Safari Split View offers the radical option of viewing two sites on the same screen – just like a real computer!

Could come in handy for comparing, say, holiday options side by side or copying and pasting from a site into your webmail.

To activate, long-press on a link and select the menu option. Or long-press the tabs button on the top right of Safari.

You can even have two sets of tabs running in two separate Split Views.


7) Get a good night’s sleep

A new tab called Bedtime in the Clock app puts you on the right road for better rest. Choose your normal morning alarm time, plus the amount of hours’ sleep you need to feel refreshed. Then Bedtime will nag you at the right time the night before to hit the hay.

As a bonus, Bedtime will start to track your sleep habits, giving you an insight into your body’s rhythms.


8) Unsubscribe with ease

Email overload can easily sneak up on you, often due to idly signing up for a ton of newsletters which can overwhelm your inbox.

The Mail app in iOS 10 helps you cut down the clutter by providing an Unsubscribe button right the top of each newsletter. No more scrolling down endlessly to hunt for the tiny link somewhere down the bottom.


9) Find more in Photos

Photos now scans every image you take for faces and recognisable objects. It builds a library of friends and family so you can easily locate snaps of Uncle Jim or that day on the beach.

It’s not foolproof, of course, but it’s better than your memory for digging out photos you’d forgotten about.

10) Doodle on your snaps

Apple goes a bit Snapchat with this one, enabling you to add text and doodles to images before sending to a pal.

Start your message, choose an image, then tap it and finally choose Markup. Now you’re free to scribble, insert a few words or enlarge a portion of the photo. Don't forget to press Save.

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