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The Chromebook revolution marches on


HP chromebook

HP chromebook

HP chromebook

The more that 4G and broadband advances in Ireland, the more relevant Chromebooks become.

Whereas the concept of trusting your workflow to 'always-on' connectivity might have seemed risky a couple of years ago, the era of Google Docs and email-as-an-office-suite has made a lot of us less sceptical about the notion.

As many will know, this is the premise upon which Chromebooks work. The 'operating system' is really a bunch of links to web-apps such as Google Drive, Gmail and Chrome, within which you can work away.

Because it eschews a built-in software set-up, it saves both cost and power requirements. HP's 14-inch model comes with just 16GB of onboard storage, although it offers over 100GB of online storage free. (But you can get close to this on Dropbox if you complete tasks it sets you.) It has pretty excellent battery life, with more than seven reliable hours.

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