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The Big Tech Show: How to run, and maybe save, a media business


This week, Adrian is joined by the CEO of the country’s biggest online-only media publisher, Journal Media, and the CEO and co-founder of Silicon Republic, one of Ireland’s longest-running and most successful online publishers.

Adrian Acosta and Ann O’Dea dive deep into commercial and business challenges that media companies now face in Ireland.

Is online advertising for media firms doomed? That’s a big question that the panel discusses in some depth.

Alternate funding methods are also discussed, such as reader appeals and membership clubs. Acosta reveals that The Journal has attracted over 5,000 financial contributions since launching its reader contribution scheme two months ago.

O’Dea describes the factors around creating other businesses adjacent to media, such as conferencing.

And the panel looks at the prospects for different Irish media organisations from any new or re-organised ‘media fund’ that might be put together by the Irish government.

On the health of media, the panel also analyses some of the issues around trust, or lack of it, in press and media.

The Big Tech Show is in association with Fidelity Investments.

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