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Tech Insider: A look at the Microsoft Surface Pro 3


Microsoft Surface Pro

Microsoft Surface Pro

Microsoft Surface Pro

Microsoft have just released their Surface Pro 3 device; the third of the Surface range. While the Pro 2 had significant improvements on the initial device, the changes made to the Surface Pro 3 enhance the device once again, making it rival the majority of traditional laptops on the market.

First things first: this is not a tablet device. Sure, the screen detaches from the keyboard giving the appearance of a tablet, but the spec tells a very different story. Behind the 12-inch screen is an Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB of RAM and a 256GB hard drive. This is incredible power for such a small device. While it may look like a tablet, the Surface Pro 3 can outrun the MacBook Air and other high end rivals.

The device comes with a stylus pen that is more than the gimmick add-on which came with the first Surface. Microsoft researched the ideal weight for a pen, as you do, and used that finding as the basis for the weight of their new stylus. It is loaded with magnetic technology in the nib which the screen acknowledges.

The handwriting recognition on the Pro 3 outshines most, if not all other devices on the market at present. The buttons on the pen are loaded with control functions including: opening One Note, screen grabbing and right click. Over all: very clever.

Microsoft have done away with the touch type keyboard option, leaving the beautiful press keyboard which is backlit.

This device isn't just for work though. The screen gives off an incredible clarity that makes watching movies and videos a pleasure. It has to be noted that there are still not enough apps in the Store to rival the likes of Android and Apple.

The Surface is a fantastically neat device, serving many different purposes for the user both in the office and on the go.

The model reviewed costs €1,329. Prices start from €819.

Pick of the week: Free health app

Keeping with Windows, "Health and Fitness" is a new app available from the Windows Marketplace which monitors calorie intake, step count and GPS activity. Within the app are a series of workout videos and other tips for staying fit and healthy. There is also an internal food database which provides nutritional info on over 300,000 foods.

It's a useful companion for anyone looking to track their food intake and exercise.

'Health and Fitness' is available from the Windows Marketplace for free.

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