Tuesday 28 January 2020

YouTubers could earn money on Content ID-disputed vids


Mark O'Beirne

Content ID disputes currently impact YouTubers because they can't earn revenue on videos during this time, a system that YouTube is looking to change.

YouTubers have criticised the current Content ID system for some time, claiming that it's open to abuse, which in turn affects their earnings. YouTube is to tweak the system to ensure that revenue isn't necessarily lost when a video is being disputed.

Instead of videos not earning money for anyone, ads will continue to run and the resulting revenue will be held separately. Once a dispute is settled, the appropriate party will be paid this revenue.

YouTube is currently working on this new system and plans to roll it out to all YouTube partners "in the coming months."

The blog post announcing this change adds that the site is going to pay "close attention to creators’ concerns about copyright claims on videos they believe may be fair use."

YouTube hopes to share more details about the system soon.

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