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YouTube app updated to give you a virtual cinema





Ever wanted to sit in a cinema while watching YouTube videos? An update to the Android app will let you do the next best thing: sit in a virtual cinema.

The YouTube app for Android devices has been updated to introduce some new features, including a virtual movie theatre mode.

This mode can be used with every single video on the site. What it does is let you experience the video as if you were sitting in a cinema with it being displayed on a huge screen. Even more impressive is the promise of advanced eye tracking, which should make the experience feel even more real.

Those who have a virtual reality headset may be pleased with the addition of a VR Videos playlist. This features a list of videos that shows off the virtual reality features in the best way possible.

The update should be available now from the Google Play Store. Those with Cardboard headsets can grab version 1.7 of the app right now.

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