Friday 23 August 2019

Xbox Elite controller shortage to run to December

Xbox Elite Controller
Xbox Elite Controller

Microsoft has confirmed that shortages of its new Xbox Elite Controller are likely to continue until December at the earliest

Following the initial launch, and subsequent sellout, of its new Xbox Elite Controller, Microsoft has warned gamers that the €149.99 peripheral is set to be in short supply until next month at the very earliest - making for some concerned gamers ahead of the Christmas period.

Taking to his official Twitter account, Xbox spokesman and all round gamer fellow Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb, explained that the company is doing its best to keep up with what can only be described as unforeseen demand for such an expensive piece of kit.

"Seeing some questions about Elite Controller availability," he tweeted. "So let me say this: they are sold out at most retailers around the world. More Elite Controllers are arriving each week, but supplies may be limited until early Dec."

While that may sound ominous, particularly given the fact that the Christmas period is a notoriously busy one for game retailers, the likelihood is that Microsoft simply didn't anticipate the controller receiving quite so much attention from gamers, especially given the fact that most baulked as the device's unprecedented price point when it was announced at this summer's E3 in Los Angeles. Since that initial unveiling, however, it seems that opinions have changed considerably, meaning that the fancy controller looks like being a hot ticket item this Christmas.

On top of coming with a fancy carrying case, the Xbox Elite Controller offers a never before seen level of customisation from a first party peripheral, allowing players to swap out the d-pad and analog sticks to suit their personal preferences, as well as customise the wide assortment of functionality offered by the device's all-new rear paddles. It's exactly the kind of controller gamers have come to expect from niche third party manufacturers, but for an official device it's treading a brave new path for Microsoft - hopefully a path and we'll all be able to join before December 25th!

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