Sunday 15 September 2019

WhatsApp adding new Starred Messages feature


Emma Clark

WhatsApp has added a way for you to quickly save and later find important messages. Starred Messages let you refer back to messages rather than searching.

WhatsApp is about to make it easier to find important messages by adding Starred Messages.

It will essentially let you favourite a message so you can refer back to it later. It should be quicker and easier than using the search function as you won’t need to remember exact terms used. You’ll also be able to star media messages, which you can’t search for.

Starring a message works exactly as you’d expect. Simply tap and hold any message and you’ll see a new star icon in the app's toolbar. Tap that and a small star appears at the bottom of the message, next to the timestamp.

If you want to later remove it, tap and hold again and you'll get a crossed star icon that does the trick.

Starred Messages have been added with version 2.12.337, though version 2.12.338 has been released with small bug fixes.

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