Wednesday 18 July 2018

Watch this platoon of self-driving trucks drive across Europe


Mark O'Beirne

Scania and other truck manufacturers recently took part in a self-driving vehicle experiment in which their fleet platooned their way across Europe.

There’s no doubt that self-driving vehicles are the future. And this video shows that it may not be that far away.

Small fleets of trucks have taken part in a test across Europe, in which they drove themselves in a convoy. The technique is known as platooning and the video below explains how it works and why it’s done. It has been proven to save time and fuel, and cut down on emissions, as the trucks utilise the road better.

In the test, the trucks communicated via radar, GPS, and Wi-Fi with the lead truck controlling the pace and route. And, as the video shows, if the lead truck is forced to make an evasive manoeuvre, the others follow close behind.

In this instance, all the trucks had human drivers behind the wheel just in case they needed to take control and the whole experiment was closely monitored. But it does give us a glimpse at what may be the future of road haulage.

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