Monday 20 January 2020

Watch an Irish grand-aunt try VR for the first time


Mark O'Beirne

An Irish grand-aunt tried out a virtual reality headset for the very first time and her reactions were recorded, of course.

Virtual reality is still quite a new phenomenon, so expect to see plenty of videos of people trying it for the first time. The latest to be recorded trying a VR headset is Ettie Carroll from Cork.

She strapped on the Virtualis headset, which is inspired by Google Cardboard, and experienced a virtual rollercoaster ride. And her reaction was exactly what her grand-nephew, Ryan Croke, and those watching the video would have hoped for.

Ryan Croke is a part of Citosc, a student-run firm that produced the headset and will be participating in the All Ireland Student Enterprise finals. The timing of this video couldn’t be more perfect; not only is the Virtualis for sale, but the Student Enterprise finals are taking place today.

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