Friday 20 April 2018

Watch a deer wander around GTA V with its own agenda


Daniel Anderson

If you like Grand Theft Auto V but aren't really bothered playing it, then you can just watch a deer wander around the world instead

Grand Theft Auto V is a huge game with a massive map and a huge amount of freedom to do pretty much anything you like.

So naturally this one person created a deer, gave it a mind of its own and invulnerability and set it loose on the map to wander where it pleases. And you can watch a live stream of what it gets up to on Twitch, all day, every day...

Watch live video from bwatanabe on

Yep, that's really an AI animal just doing its thing in the game world while the camera follows along. It's actually a pretty relaxing thing to watch, and that makes the random, often violent, encounters with the rest of the populace all the more exciting. A little while ago, Deery McDeerface wandered into a gang area and got some bullets in the face, before being menaced by a dog. Then he wanted into the sea and stared off into the horizon for a bit, before running around in circles.

Mr McDeerface isn't a clever animal but it is an example of very primitive AI which can be built by a regular person in a hugely popular game. And people are actually watching what's happening. Best of all, there's a link on the page to donate, with all proceeds going to The Humane Society of Seattle Country which takes care of all kinds of furry beasts.

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