Monday 19 August 2019

Twitters Favourites are now Likes!


Paul Mallon

In the world of Twitter you previously showed your interest in something by marking it as a favourite but its all change now with hearts and likes!

Twitter is making many big changes these days, including introducing curated content with Moments, but this might be its biggest yet.

From today, favourite are now likes AND that star button is now a heart!

— Twitter (@twitter) November 3, 2015

It's a bit of a sweeping change, and brings the social media service in line with Facebook, where likes have been a part of the experience for many years. Honestly I always found the favourite function a bit confusing on Twitter. Was it intended as a way to save certain tweets to come back to later (which was how it appeared) or just the equivalent of a thumbs up, which is more how it has been approached in recent years.

Now there's no confusion at all - if you like something click on that heart symbol and you're done. In an official blog post, Twitter says that they've had a lot of positive feedback for the heart symbol during testing as its a very versatile response, provided you want to be pleasant. Which is surely what everyone intends while interacting on the internet.

The update is rolling out on all platforms, we can already see it on desktop and it's expected on iOS, Android, Tweetdeck and elsewhere as soon as possible. Vine is also getting hearts and likes for its interface, so expect that soon as well.

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