Friday 6 December 2019

Twitter is rolling out a new Timeline - But it's optional


Emma Clark

Twitter's rumoured Timeline that displays the "best content" first is actually a thing. But you have to opt-in for it to take effect.

Up to now, Twitter's timeline displayed newest tweets first, but a new timeline will place the "best content" up top.

It was rumoured that Twitter was to explore this new approach, but before you get too upset you should know that it's optional. You'll have to opt-in for it to take effect and the feature is being rolled out gradually, so it might not take hold for a few weeks.

The new algorithm determines which tweets are important to you, which it does by looking at who you follow and engage with, and then pushes them to the top when you open the site or app.

Twitter timeline project manager, Michelle Haq, told Engadget why the change is being made. "We realized there's a ton of great content on Twitter and it's not always easy to find that great content," she explained.

This new timeline will only show up when you launch the app or site. Once you refresh your timeline, things will revert back to normal.

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