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Twitter app lets you set an auto out-of-office reply





There's a new Twitter web app that can connect to your Twitter account to send an automated out-of-office reply to tweets sent at you.

A new web app allows you to connect to your Twitter account and set an automatic out-of-office reply to tweets sent to you.

You can set a start and end time, as well as a customised message that will be sent. The app checks your mentions every two minutes and sends out replies to new messages that come in.

Handily, it'll even ensure that your out-of-office isn't sent to someone again if they decide to reply to your automated message. This means that if you do manage to get online earlier than thought, you can still converse with a sender of a message without them being bombarded by automated replies.

You can connect your Twitter account to the app right here. It doesn't work for Direct Messages, as that requires even more app permissions.

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