Monday 23 April 2018

Twitch makes it easier to find Twitch Plays broadcasts


Emma Clark

Twitch has set up a dedicated hub for Twitch Plays broadcasts, so you can easily find channels that pass control of the game over to the audience.

Twitch has announced a hub where viewers can easily find all the Twitch Plays broadcasts in progress.

The idea of Twitch Plays took off back in February 2014 when an anonymous Australian programmer created a script that let the game accept commands from Twitch’s chat box. There was lots of spinning around in circles and embarrassing losses, but viewers fell in love with it. Once Pokemon Red was taken care of, the channel started a playthrough of Pokemon Crystal.

Since then, we’ve seen the Twitch community take on games like Dark Souls and Punch Club, among others.

Twitch wants to make it easier to find these channels that actively encourage viewer participation. “The cascading creation of ideas inspired by TwitchPlaysPokemon has been the most rewarding part of having created the experience,” TwitchPlaysPokemon said in a statement through Twitch. “Since the addition of a ‘TwitchPlays’ category will greatly improve their discoverability, I hope this further encourages people to make their own streams inspired by my channel.”

Twitch also announced four new games that will be coming to Twitch Plays. There’s City Stream, which tasks players with building and defending a city; TwitchPlaysZombiedle, which puts players in control of evil characters who make life difficult on the heroes; Kid Mech, which is a live-action robot arena combat game, so you can get ready for the return of Robot Wars; and TwitchVersusZombies, which pits the community against zombies.

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