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Top 5 Leo DiCaprio films on Netflix

leonardo DiCaprio
leonardo DiCaprio

Daniel Anderson

It has finally happened - Leonardo DiCaprio has walked away with an Oscar for the first time ever - and we're celebrating with movies

The 2016 Oscars happened last night, with a whole heap of deserved awards for Spotlight, The Revenant, the wonderful Mark Rylance and the most gongs of the night for Mad Max Fury Road in those technical categories.

But it was also an extra special moment for one performer, and the time when a thousand memes cried out and were instantly silenced. That's right, Leonardo DiCaprio has finally picked up his first ever Oscar for his performance in The Revenant. It was his fifth time being nominated and the ferocious performance was the odds-on favourite to win, but he has defied the odds before. Thankfully, it went to the deserved winner this time, against competition like Michael Fassbender, Bryan Cranston and Matt Damon.

In honour of his win, we've scoured the ranks of Netflix's Irish catalogue to bring you a list of his best movies on the service, some of which he probably also should have won Oscars for!

The Wolf of Wall Street Martin Scorsese's film was nominated for five Oscars and missed out on all of them. It's arguably the home of one of DiCaprio's most impressive performances as Jordan Belfort, taking in highs and lows and drug-addled walking. He's always been willing to push himself to ridiculous extremes for the audience, something he took to potentially dangerous levels on The Revenant. The Wolf of Wall Street is certainly more entertaining and is might just be his best film ever, after a long creative collaboration with Scorsese.

Romeo + Juliet A blast from the past, with Leo really arriving on the world stage in only his 8th film. Despite being in his early 20s he plays a mighty convincing teen in Baz Luhrmann's lurid adaptation of William Shakespeares play, combining a stylised modern urban setting with the original dialogue and a serious sense of style. The film was a box office smash, with the soundtrack and posters littering bedrooms the world over, and he'd be back a year later with the titan of Titanic.

Django Unchained A smaller role here for Leo but no less powerful. His slave owner Calvin J. Candie makes for a vivid villain in Tarantino's over the top Western. It's another terrific part that he plays to the hilt, right down to staying in character when he smashed a real glass and cut his hand open. The take stayed in the film, and you can see it at 1.59.30 on Netflix. Watch him continue right through the rage, calmly taking out a cigarette and keeping it all in character. And for this, he wasn't even given an Oscar nomination.

The Aviator Another collaboration with Martin Scorsese, this time right after their first team up on Gangs of New York. Leo plays Howard Hughes over more than 20 years in the life of the acclaimed aircraft maker, film director and crazy recluse. It's another typically committed role for the actor, especially in the latter stages of the picture, and he's matched with an impressive cast including Cate Blanchett, Alec Baldwin and Jude Law. Nominated for a massive 11 Oscars, it took home some tech awards and a win for Blanchett but nothing for the main star.

Celebrity Admittedly, Netflix in these parts doesn't have a huge number of DiCaprio films so this is certainly a lesser entry, though better than his other appearance in 1998 in The Man in the Iron Mask. This Woody Allen number follows two people after they divorce, and neither of them is DiCaprio. When he does arrive, in the form of young superstar Brandon Darrow, he pretty much steals the film and you get a glimpse at what it's like to be surrounded by a ridiculous entourage day and night. Hilariously, Adrian Grenier is part of that entourage.

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