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Top 5 Games of March 2016

games of march
games of march

Daniel Anderson

The early months in the year are normally quiet for game releases but a few big titles are on the way in March to entertain you

After the rush towards Christmas, the early months in the year can be quite for game releases. That makes it the perfect period for catching up on titles you missed last year, or giving a little more time to smaller or independent releases you might have otherwise missed. If you're looking for something new to try, check out our list of the top 5 games coming out in March 2016.

The Division (March 8th) Xbox One, PS4 Ubisoft is looking to launch a new franchise with this action game set in a world brought low by a dangerous virus. It's less of an MMO than it first appeared to be, with a strong RPG sensibility and a decent collection of story driven content between the shooting. You have to try to revive the flagging hopes of the city of New York, and you can team up with real life friends to go forth and conquer with bullets. Also contains a competitive arena in the Dark Zone.

The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess HD (March 4th) Wii U Classic adventuring returns in remastered form with Twilight Princess. Originally released on the Wii console in 2006, this new version brings massively improved graphics and also all new Amiibo functionality which will let you use real-life figurines to get extra features in game, including an area which was created just for the Wii U version. And you get the same incredible gameplay as Link heads out (sometimes as a wolf) to save Hyrule once more.

Hitman (March 11th) Xbox One, PS4 It has been a long and difficult road for this latest Hitman game, with a normal release delayed a number of times and a new episodic model causing all kinds of confusion. The gist is that this Intro Pack gives you a handful of levels with more locations added every month throughout 2016. You can pay for all of them, or just plump for the taster and see how you get on. Otherwise we're expecting stealthy kills and a whole lot of hoarse voice work.

Trackmania Turbo (March 22nd) PS4, Xbox One If you've been craving some over the top racing action then this is the title for you. The series has been around in some form since 2003 and is coming back after a long absence. Expect ridiculous tracks and a very fast pace alongside insane stunts and very little in the way of real world physics. There will be plenty of multiplayer options, including one where two players control the same car, and most welcome split screen competitve driving.

EA Sports UFC 2 (March 17th) PS4, Xbox One If there was an award for best cover stars, EA's UFC 2 would clinch it, featuring as it does both Ronda Rousey and Sir Conor McGregor. EA Canada is taking the criticism of the first game to heart by changing up the game modes and making the ground based combat a bit more accessible. It's quite a challenge to translate the strategy of UFC to a video game so we'll have to see how this second go round works out for the developer.

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