Sunday 25 August 2019

Tinder will let you impress potential matches with job title and education


Emma Clark

Tinder has rolled out a new update that will let you share some more personal details with potential matches. You can list your occupation and University.

Have you got a particularly impressive or unusual job title? Or have you spent years accumulating letters after your name? Well, now you can include these details in your Tinder profile to draw in potential matches.

The new update lets you add what you do for a living and where you went to University. It also adds a new messaging interface that should make things a little clearer.

This new interface gives matches that you haven’t spoken to yet a little more prominence. This should mean that you won’t miss out on potential conversation partners.

Tinder has also tweaked its algorithm to ensure that matches you see should be more compatible with your interests.

Tinder has come a long way since its inception. It’s no longer just a case of swiping left and right. Ow you have super likes, Instagram connectivity to express yourself more, and these new personal details.

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