Tuesday 10 December 2019

Tinder secretly rates you


Paul Mallon

Tinder has a hidden score behind the scenes which helps to decide who you get matched with - and you'll never know what it is

Tinder has changed the dating and relationship scene forever with its simple system of swipes to determine whether you like a person or not with just a glance. If you both like the look of eachothers perfectly posed headshot, you can connect, find out more information and maybe get chatting. What happens next is up to you.

Naturally there's a lot going on behind the scenes to create these matches, with information being matched and compared alongside the basic swiping mechanic. And it turns out Tinder takes all of that data and also ranks each user on a desireability scale.

This Elo score isn't just about how attractive you are, it also takes into account how many people have expressed an interest and other factors like how much information you've provided. The score was revealed by Fast Company on a recent trip to the Tinder headquarters, where the writer also got to find out his own Elo score.

It all sounds like a complicated process - as the Tinder engineers admit, a person's score is determined by a great many factors and even if that number was objectively below average, you are still likely to have qualities which appeal to some potential partners. Attraction isn't a numbers game, but Tinder is trying to create a way to parse the data to make matches that little bit easier as you search for your soul mate, or your next hook up.

So while you may never find out your score, and that's probably for the best, that doesn't mean you can't find someone special on Tinder.

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