Sunday 17 December 2017

This Spelunky run is an incredible display of patience and skill


Emma Clark

Avid Spelunky player krille71 decided to take on the ultimate challenge: to complete the game without killing or picking up gold.

The Awesome Games Done Quick stream showcased Spelunky in action and creator Derek Yu wondered aloud if anyone had ever managed a pacifist no gold run. That challenge was accepted by krille71 who published a video the very next day of that exact feat.

The resulting video is an incredible display of patience, skill, self-control, and crisis management. The player whips gold out of the way, carefully bombs their way around levels, and lures enemies to their death. Hey, if the level happens to kill an enemy, there isn't much krille71 could have done about that!

They also had to take on the game's challenging bosses without killing either of them, which is an interesting take in itself.

The video's description also includes notes from the player who explains why this run is so hard, which bits were particularly troubling, and some of the techniques used to accomplish the feat.

At the end of the video, they end the adventure at the final door just so they don't get rewarded with gold for completing the game, and also to display that their kill count remained at 0.

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