Saturday 21 April 2018

This site brings back all your Facebook memories


Daniel Anderson

You've been on Facebook a long time and probably forgotten more than half of what you've done on there - now go back and see it all

Many of us have been on Facebook for a very long time, maybe even close to 10 years at this point. In that decade or so you've shared all manner of stuff, from deep thoughts to utter nonsense, gorgeous photos of sunsets or the latest thing you're going to eat with your face.

And all along your account has been watching, silently storing up these posts and images and videos and likes and friendships and comments for the future. Facebook is such a huge beast that it can be pretty hard to get a handle on everything you've done, which is why a clever person has created some somftware which dives deep and dredges up everything you've forgotten.

Life is Life is an art project by Bernhard Fasenfest and Kevin Roark which logs into your Facebook account and shows a cascade of tiles for your most popular posts and images, followed by a seemingly endless stream of status updates, events and long threads about whatever random stuff you cared about in June 2011. It's pretty insane to see how much you've shared, so much so that those with a slower internet connection may find it very difficult to navigate.

If you're interested, the experience starts over here.

You should definitely turn off the music first...

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