Saturday 16 December 2017

This robot gets back up when mean folks knock him over


Paul Mallon

Boston Dynamics have just shown off their next generation Atlas robot and this time he's going to get back up when he falls

The robots are coming - very soon they'll be in workplace, our homes spaces and our schools. They'll be packing your shopping, driving your cars and watching you while you sleep so that when the revolution comes no one will be safe.

The next step on that natural evolution towards our own extinction came today with a new video from Boston Dynamics. In it, the engineers demonstrate a sophisticated new bot which can navigate a range of different kinds of terrain and find its way through doors in a fashion which we would struggle to even call awkward. Then, around the 1.25 mark, things take a turn for the sinister. The Atlas just really, really wants to pick up that box but the mean humans are getting in the way. And you won't believe what happens at 2.05...

That's just abuse!

With its tottery little legs and total determination at simple manual tasks, it's hard not to associate this bot with familar tales like Wall-E where the machine will keep doing its job as long as it has the strength to do so. And as in those tales it's the stupid humans which are just making things difficult. How simple things will be in the future where machines rule and humans have mysteriously disappeared.

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