Saturday 24 February 2018

This gun looks like an iPhone and costs even less

ideal conceal
ideal conceal

Daniel Anderson

Guns are changing and with the future of conceal carrying in doubt, companies are looking to make them blend in more than ever

An American company called Ideal Conceal has produced a new handgun that's designed to be almost impossible to detect, and that's because it just looks like a smartphone.

Here's the Ideal Conceal Pistol.

It looks like a phone in an oversized case with a camera on the back and some unusually large, but not obviously strange, ports on the top. But those are chambers designed to handle the .380 bullets which this pistol fires at high velocity. It has a hammerless firing system and 'great stopping power' and transforms more or less instantly from the innocent looking slab above to this.

This product is designed for those who don't feel safe walking around without a firearm in states where concealed or open carry is illegal. The idea is that no one even knows you are armed, and you just have a weapon on standby in the event of an attack. But naturally the worst case scenario for law enforcement officers is now having to be on the lookout for weapons that don't even look like they are dangerous, and the idea that anyone who reaches for their smartphone might also be readying a deadly weapon.

It's a pretty worrying turn for a country already plagued with shootings, especially when you consider that the suggested retail price of the Ideal Conceal Pistol is just $395. That's cheaper than the new iPhone SE...

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