Friday 20 April 2018

These people think they're using the new iPhone SE - but it's a three year old model

iphone se
iphone se

Daniel Anderson

A new iPhone was just released, so the team from Jimmy Kimmel took to the streets to prove that people have no idea what the difference is

Details of the new iPhone SE were just released, with Apple spending a lot of time showing off their latest phone which looks a lot like one they released three years ago.

That's not exactly new in the Apple-verse but it does create a bit of a problem - will folks be able to recognise the new model if they're shown it. The answer is a big nope, and the truth of the matter is that some people can't even tell if they're holding two different versions of the same phone...

Jimmy Kimmels team took to the streets to give people a first hands on with the new iPhone SE, comparing it directly to the iPhone 5s from 2013. The kicker is, both of these phones are the exact same model.

These people can't even remember which phone is supposed to be the new one! Of course there's an unfair bias at work here - why would people assume that they're being lied to? And there's a good chance that those who were edited out noticed the scam but it's also a symptom of the design philosophy for Apple's range. The iPhone SE is much faster than the iPhone 5s and rivals their latest handsets so even if the two end up looking very similar there will be a good reason to upgrade.

The iPhone SE is out in Ireland in April 2016.

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