Saturday 24 August 2019

There's a Steam sale to celebrate Steam Machine release


Emma Clark

Some Steam Machines are now available, and to celebrate Steam has launched a sale on titles that are compatible with SteamOS so you have games to play.

Steam is celebrating the release of its Steam Machines in the only way it knows how: with a Steam sale!

The Steam Machine launch sale offers discounts of up to 80% on games that support Steam’s OS. There are 45 titles included as part of this sale.

Notable titles included are Alien: Isolation (€24.99; 50% off), XCOM: Enemy Unknown (€4.99; 75% off), Metro Redux Bundle (€7.49; 75% off), The Talos Principle (€13.59; 66% off), Transistor (€4.74; 75% off), Spec Ops: The Line (€3.99; 80% off), Half-Life 2 (€2.49; 75% off), SOMA (€23.79; 15% off), and many more.

Many might have been hoping that Half-Life 3 would just appear alongside Valve’s Steam Machines, but that isn’t the case. But Half-Life 2 is on sale, which is nice.

All of these titles work on SteamOS, but if you’re not considering a Steam Machine just yet, you can still take advantage of the deals.

Steam Machines now available include the Alienware Alpha, Maingear Drift, Zotac NEN SN970, and Syber. ASUS, Gigabyte, and others will start selling their Steam Machines at a later date.

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