Friday 24 May 2019

There's a new Angry Birds game to tie into the movie

angry birds action
angry birds action

Daniel Anderson

Angry Birds Action! is a new game from original developers Rovio which really wants to get you engaged with the upcoming movie

Angry Birds exploded onto mobile phones around the world in 2009 and became quite the worldwide phenomenon in the years following. It might not quite have that profile any more but with a major movie adaptation about to arrive in cinemas (yes really) the brand is coming back.

Naturally, that also means a new game - called Angry Birds Action! And weirdly enough the format has been changed up this time to be more of a pinball like smash em up. Observe.

It's a little strange to take away the primary focus of the entire series to date, but there's a wider plan at work here which involves all manner of media friendly engagement. You see there's a part of the game which allows you to scan real world 'Birdcodes' to gain access to new and unique levels. In the US these are to be found in places like McDonalds though there's no word on how it will work here.

One element which is likely to function just fine is an extra unlock tied to the end credits of the movie. The app will listen to an audio cue and unlock even more additional content as a reward, with an alternative ending to the film also mooted.

Sounds like a good way to get people into the cinema and make them stay to the end, which is pretty much all everyone involved wants.

Angry Birds Action is out now on iOS and Android. Angry Birds the movie is set for release in Ireland on the 13th of May 2016.

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