Saturday 21 April 2018

The Long Dark story mode still isn't ready

The Long Dark
The Long Dark

Daniel Anderson

The Long Dark is already in early access and tasks you with surviving in the ice and snow against impossible odds, but there's no story - yet

The Long Dark looks pretty delicious, especially if you're into that whole survival game feel of death around every corner. It doesn't hurt that it's all wrapped up in a gorgeous game engine. Now many people are happy with a game which just requires you to survive, but I like a little touch of story now and then, which made this trailer very interesting indeed.

A story mode, at last! The latest news is that while developers Hinterland are still very much interested in bringing a little narrative to the game, it's going to take a little longer. And that's because they have big ambitions, according to a new blog post.

It turns out the game was originally intended to be story led from the off, and the sandbox element was introduced as a way to test the mechanics which grew far beyond a mere experiment. With more complex systems and more attention from players, the ambition of the story mode has grown to include much more narrative, extra characters, more cut scenes - basically an all new game on top of the open world explorer they're currently still pushing through early access.

The gist is this: "It’s not ready. And I won’t ship it until it’s ready. So, I’m sorry but you will just have to wait."

That might come as a disappointment to some but with the news that two full episodes with unique gameplay, two playable characters and more will launch, with no extra money to pay, it sounds like it will be worth the wait. The Long Dark is on Steam right now for €19.99.

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