Wednesday 21 March 2018

The Division's Collapse shows how quickly a virus could spread from your home town

The Division
The Division

Emma Clark

The Division is based on the outbreak of a virus that causes the fall of New York, so what better way to promote it than an online interactive experience?

Ubisoft’s The Division is based on the downfall of society, and the newly launched Collapse simulator shows just how quickly it could happen.

You are patient zero and the interactive experience uses real world data to bring the simulation to life. The outbreak begins at a chosen point close to you and uses real world locations along the way as the story unfolds and you make choices.

Collapse uses info based on Open Street Map, NASA open source data and IATA Flight routes, along with input from emergency risk specialists and public service employees. It’s a pretty chilling experience.

This simulator is based on the storyline of Tom Clancy’s The Division, which takes place in a mid-crisis New York that has been devastated by a deadly fictional virus named Variola Chimera. In The Division, you are part of a secret unit of self-supported tactical agents and tasked with restoring order and taking back New York.

Try out the Collapse simulation for yourself on the dedicated website.

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