Saturday 18 November 2017

The Division lets you tweak graphics settings on console

The Division
The Division

Emma Clark

Whether you're playing The Division on console or PC, you'll be able to tweak certain graphical settings to your liking.

Xbox One players got early access to The Division's beta and found one interesting touch; you can actually tweak the game's graphics on console.

It's not as customisable as the graphics options typically afforded to PC players, but it's a start. Xbox One players have been able to tweak two graphics options.

Players can turn Chromatic Aberration on or off. It's on by default, giving the game a rougher look, designed to mimic the effect of a film lens. Players can also adjust the "sharpen image" slider, which affects the level of anti-aliasing used to clean up jagged edges.

Digital Foundry says that setting this slider to 75 results in a clearer image; any higher results in a white halo effect on edges.

The Division's beta arrives on PC and PlayStation 4 today, so players will be able to check out what graphics options are available to them soon.

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