Wednesday 21 March 2018

The Division glitch lets you mess up the game for everyone

The Division
The Division

Daniel Anderson

The Division is out and you can take some time out of your otherwise busy life to grief the heck out of everyone in your safehouse

The Division is out and after some server teething problems Ubisoft's RPG-like shooter seems to be going down well with players. So long as you don't turn into a very specific kind of troll.

It seems that if you stand in the doorway of one of a busy safehouse, like the one near the beginning of the game, you can actively stop other players from leaving. Of course this requires you to have a very specific idea of what constitutes fun in a game and it goes something like this.

You can even use the in-game gestures to make it more difficult to pass and there's no real way for other players to do anything about it. They can send you messages on PSN but you could always just pretend you were away from the console, and no one can actually boot you from the game. Ubisoft will want to look at a patch for this as soon as possible because unfortunately there are plenty of people out there who would think this is just a really great way to spend their time.

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