Wednesday 29 January 2020

The Division free update arrives today - here's what you're getting

The Division
The Division

Daniel Anderson

The Division is already a bit game and its adding new content from today with an all new incursion mode and other neat features

Ubisoft has already had a very successful launch with The Division, chalking up solid sales and, more importantly, earning strong reviews from users as they got to know this vision of a virus shattered New York City.

But they're not done yet. There's a long term plan for the game, with Ubisoft hoping it will rival the likes of Destiny in time, and key to that strategy is regular doses of new content. The first major free release drops today, and it's a big one. Players will get access to an entirely new game mode as well as the ability to swap weapons and a whole load of new loot, plus an exciting addition to the Dark Zone gameplay.

Incursions are newly minted missions with challenging enemies and the promise of exotic loot that compliments your play style. These additions are also extra interesting because they're delivering extra nuggets of story, something which the main game could do with more of. Here's a visual guide to what's on the way.

The Dark Zone supply drops could be a real game changer, as these weapons don't have to be extracted for decontamination so you'll just be able to pick up and play. That should add a level of immediacy to this element of the game which has been having some issues since launch.

The update is available today April 12th.

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