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Monday 23 October 2017

The Division dataminer uncovers treasure trove of details

The Division
The Division

Mark O'Beirne

The Division has been datamined ahead of its release and plenty of details have been posted online, including the number of missions and some sound files.

Despite a series of betas, there has been an aura of mystique about Ubisoft’s The Division. However, a dataminer has peeked behind the curtain and released a myriad of details about the upcoming game.

The Division, according to Reddit’s itsgamerdoc, will feature 26 missions. The data also points to a mission with three variants along with more content that will likely be included later as DLC. It’s unclear which of the missions in the list will be released as paid DLC and which will be free.

Three paid-for DLC packs are planned over the next twelve months, while a host of free updates are planned in the coming months. Loot trading and raids will be added in April, while a second incursion and more Dark Zone content will be added in May.

The data mined is pretty comprehensive, but it’s possible that some things have simply been left in the game’s files. A fourth faction, the Russian group Bratva, is still referenced, which may indicate that it will join the fray as DLC. It could also be leftover data from early demos in which this group did feature.

The Division will be released tomorrow, so we’ll soon know exactly what is and what is not included in the game at launch.

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