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Monday 20 January 2020

Telltale releasing an open world zombie game

Telltale Games
Telltale Games

Daniel Anderson

Telltale Games are best known for working on adventure games like The Walking Dead but their next is quite different

Telltale Games have become synonymous with a certain kind of storyled game, with The Walking Dead, Minecraft, Game of Thrones, Tales from the Borderlands and a bunch of other properties over the last couple of year. But their latest is going to be pretty different.

Word is emerging that the company will be helping to publish a title called 7 Days to Die. It's still going to be dealing with zombies - they're still very popular in the gaming world - but instead of a story driven world it sounds like an out-and-out survival game. Here's the list of what you'll get up to in the game.

Explore & Craft – Huge, unique and rich environments, offering the freedom to play the game any way you want while you craft and repair weapons, clothes, armor, tools, vehicles, and more. Build – Take over a ruin, or build from the ground-up. Design your fortress to include traps and defensive positions to survive the undead – the world is fully destructible and moldable. Cooperate or Compete – Includes two player split screen mode, with support for up to 8 players online, in Player versus Player, co-op survival, or co-op creative modes. Create – Unleash your creativity and build the ultimate world by yourself friends. Enjoy unlimited access to nearly 400 in-game items and 1,200 unique building blocks in creative mode. Improve – Increase your skills in a multitude of active and passive disciplines. 7 to Die is the only true survival RPG with nearly 50 multi-tiered skill and perk groups.

Quite why Telltale is getting into publishing third party titles is beyond us, especially in a genre this well-worn, but the word is that the game will launch in June 2016.

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