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Wednesday 18 September 2019

Studies reveal what people do with their Apple Watch

Apple Watch
Apple Watch

Emma Clark

Ever wondered what Apple Watch owners use the wearable for, or for how long they interact with it? These were the focus points of two recent studies.

Apple Watch owners interact with their wearable 60 to 80 times a day. But what do they use it for? Two studies set out to explore just that.

Two very different approaches were taken to record data. Wristly asked 1,450 Apple Watch users what they do with the device and relied on them to estimate their usage. The University of Stockholm’s Mobile Life Centre analysed video footage from wearable cameras worn by twelve participants to see what people actually did.

The studies found that the Apple Watch is used several times per hour, but only for brief interactions. Checking the time and notifications were the most frequent uses of the device, while wearers rarely took advantage of the ability to check Maps, play a game, or check their e-mail.

The University of Stockholm's precise stats backed up Wristly's panel, indicating that half of all interactions were simply glancing at the watchface (for an average of 3.8 seconds), while checking notifications made up 23% of interactions. Reading e-mail was right down at the bottom at just 0.1% of interactions.

If you want to check your e-mail or run apps frequently, it doesn't look like the Apple Watch is the go-to device in practice. But it's perfect for checking the time, keeping an eye on notifications, or tracking activity.

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