Tuesday 17 September 2019

Street Fighter V's tutorial features cheesy cut scenes

Street Fighter V
Street Fighter V

Emma Clark

Street Fighter V packs some cringe-worthy cut scenes into its tutorial mode, which introduces new players to basic concepts as well as new techniques.

Street Fighter V will feature story-laden cut scenes as part of its tutorial mode.

Apparently there weren't enough cringe-worthy scenes when left to the story mode alone. The tutorial, which introduces players to the basics of Street Fighter, features a young Ryu and Ken training under Gouken who is full of pearls of wisdom. Anyone who has played a Street Fighter game before can probably skip it, but it does introduce the new V-Gauge, V-Skill and V-Trigger abilities.

Capcom released a 2.3GB update for the Street Fighter V beta, which adds the tutorial. A video posted to YouTube shows what you can expect from this tutorial mode. This may be the only time that some players see this mode.

Street Fighter V will be released on PC and PlayStation 4 in 2016.

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