Saturday 24 August 2019

Star Wars Battlefront mod improves visuals

Star Wars Battlefront
Star Wars Battlefront

Emma Clark

Modder Martin Bergman, known for his visual mod for Grand Theft Auto V, has taken a look at Star Wars Battlefront to bolster its visual offering.

Modder Martin Bergman has turned his attention to Star Wars Battlefront to give the game a lick of paint.

He released screenshots from the second build of his Toddyhancer mod for Star Wars Battlefront, and it’s shaping up quite nicely. The mod improves the game’s visuals and you can see its effect from the screenshots released.

One of the issues facing the mod is that it takes quite a toll on the game’s framerate; at times, it hit 30-40 FPS. Star Wars Battlefront is taxing enough on systems at the best of times, so it’s likely that this mod will be for those with the best of the best PCs.

Unfortunately, there’s no video of the mod in action, so still screenshots from Imgur will have to do for now.

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