Monday 23 April 2018

Star Wars Battlefront isn't for hardcore gamers

Star Wars Battlefront
Star Wars Battlefront

Paul Mallon

The people behind Star Wars Battlefront have admitted that the game might not be for hardcore gamers who want real depth

Star Wars Battlefront is out and its a pretty entertaining time, especially if you're a fan of the franchise and all things from a galaxy far, far away but the developers have admitted it might not be for everyone.

EA CFO Blake Jorgensen has said that they really wanted to create a game which was accessible to all:

"Star Wars Battlefront is a first-person shooter, but it is [one of] the only teen-rated first-person shooters, we had designed it to be a much more accessible product to a wide age group." That's all well and good, and he makes the point that most games in this genre tend to have a higher rating thanks to the extreme violence, which is usually more notable in the single player side of the game.

He continued: "So, an 8-year-old could play with his father on the couch, as well as a teenager or 20-year-old could play the game and enjoy it. It is more accessible. And for the hardcore, it may not have the depth that they wanted in the game."

This pretty much goes along with the way the game plays, full of quick rounds, gorgeous graphics and constant unlocks. It's a flashy game, and one which does a great job of recreating some of the most iconic moments from one of the biggest entertainment properties around, but it's hard to know what the future of the game holds, especially as more casual fans move onto a different title in the new year.

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