Sunday 22 April 2018

Star Fox finally coming out in April

star fox
star fox

Daniel Anderson

A new Star Fox game has been mooted for years and it finally has a confirmed release date, plus there's another game coming too

Remember Star Fox? The game with the really natty 3D graphics which that kid in school had on his SNES but would never let you play? Well you can get long delayed revenge by picking up the all new version which has finally been given an official release date - April 22nd 2016.

You're going to be flying around in some attractive spacecraft, to the surprise of no one, as Fox McCloud in his very cool looking Arwing fighter. The rest of the team will be back again and it looks like some of your craft will be able to transform to add some ground based action into the mix.

Nintendo also announced another game which will launch at the same time called Star Fox Guard. This was previously known as Project Guard and didn't have any connection to the Star Fox series. It seems to be a co-op game where a bunch of friends work together to keep their eye on a whole mess of security cameras as things get more and more chaotic. It sounds like you'll be guiding some familar characters through this mess, hopefully with some fellow humans to help you out.

Both games are out on the Wii U on the 22nd of April 2016.

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