Wednesday 21 August 2019

Sony working on Remote Play app for PC


Emma Clark

Sony has confirmed that it is developing a Remote Play app for PC and Mac, which will let you stream videogames to these devices.

Sony has confirmed that it is working on bringing remote play to PC and Mac.

Sony's president of Worldwide Studios, Shuhei Yoshida tweeted to confirm the news. "Some people asked if we plan to provide Remote Play function to PC, and yes, we are indeed working on an official application for PC/Mac," he wrote.

Currently, if you want to use Remote Play, you need to get your hands on a Sony Xperia phone or use a PS Vita. This move should make the Remote Play feature more widely available.

Microsoft recently brought game streaming to Windows 10 devices with the most recent Xbox One update. It's good to see that Sony is still keeping an eye on Microsoft and responding in kind.

Sony has not said when the new Remote Play apps will be released.

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