Friday 13 December 2019

Sony PlayStation had a strong 2015

Sony Mobile
Sony Mobile

Paul Mallon

Sony PlayStation helped to prop up the parent company Sony with strong sales throughout 2015, mostly from games

PlayStation continues to be one of the highest earning segments of the overall Sony brand, with strong games sales in late 2015 helping the company to turn a profit.

However the slowdown in the premium smartphone market continues to have an effect - not only in terms of their own handsets but also the tech they supply to other companies. Sony is one of the leading suppliers of high end camera sensors to clients like Apple and there is an expected downturn in sales for all brands of smartphones in 2016. That means less sensors are required, with Sony looking at a fall in profits for the current quarter.

The smartphone market has become saturated and 2016 is set to be a busy year for even the biggest in the field. Sony no longer has that market share but some smart cost cutting on global marketing has helped them to break even, while the PlayStation segment continues to thrive, giving them more flexibility than brands which are solely dedicated to smartphones.

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