Friday 6 December 2019

Someone just beat Dark Souls without being hit

Dark Souls
Dark Souls

Emma Clark

For most mere mortals, Dark Souls is a difficult game. But for some, it's far too easy. One player just beat it without ever being hit.

Dark Souls used to be a game that people spoke about with reverence because of how difficult it was. But then some players came along and made a mockery of it, being so good that they could beat it with Rock Band controllers, without levelling up, or without taking damage.

Those accomplishments have now been outdone by The_Happy_Hobbit who beat the game in just 4.5 hours and without ever being hit. That means they didn't even block an attack with a shield.

Instead, they relied on two-handed weapons, impeccable dodges, and an amazing ability to parry, particularly in the final boss fight. As if not taking any hits wasn't difficult enough, The_Happy_Hobbit did it all without using magic. Yes, we feel inadequate too.

Despite the name, he's not always that cheerful, so we have to warn you against watching it in work because of some less than suitable language.

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