Tuesday 17 September 2019

Snapchat's Story Explorer lets you dig deeper into stories


Emma Clark

Snapchat has unveiled a new feature called Story Explorer that will let you dig deeper into breaking news and get new perspectives on events.

Snapchat is adding a new feature that will let users delve into stories that they want to see more about.

Story Explorer will let Snapchat users take a closer look at significant events via a city’s Live Story. The feature is to be tried out in New York and Los Angeles initially, but Snapchat says that it will be made available in more cities “very soon.”

When browsing a Live Story for these cities, users will see a new 'Explore' tab at the bottom of certain Snaps. If they swipe up, they’ll then be presented with more Snaps about that particular event.

Snapchat says that this feature will let users keep up with breaking news and see moments from an event from different perspectives.

Snapchat’s blog post states, “It’s the first time you’ll be able to experience that incredible game-winning dunk from thousands of perspectives throughout the stadium — or feel like you’re right there on the scene when breaking news unfolds.”

You can find out more about Snapchat’s Story Explorer in the video below.



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