Wednesday 23 October 2019

Snapchat users watch 10 billion videos a day


Mark O'Beirne

Snapchat users are watching 10 billion videos every day. That figure is reported by Bloomberg, but also confirmed by Snapchat.

It's just as well that Snapchat videos are short and snappy, as users are watching around 10 billion videos a day on the app.

Back in February, Bloomberg reported that users were watching 8 billion a day. Snapchat has confirmed that this has increased to 10 billion in a matter of months.

It's unclear how Snapchat is performing in comparison to other video sharing platforms. YouTube keeps its cards close to its chest by stating that it gets "billions of views" every day, while Facebook's most recent figure - reported in 2015 - stands at 8 billion a day.

US studies have found that Snapchat is the most popular social platform among teens. As it expands its video features, it's likely that Snapchat could see the number of videos watched rise further.

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