Friday 6 December 2019

Snapchat lets you follow people with profile URLs


Emma Clark

Snapchat has made it even easier to follow people. You can simply visit a URL to follow a specific profile, and you can share your own URL too.

It's now even easier to follow people and get people to follow you on Snapchat.

An update to the Snapchat app adds profile URLs. You can share your URL by swiping down from the camera, tapping "Add Friends," and then selecting "Share Username." This lets you copy your URL or share it on social media.

It's also easier to follow friends and celebrities. You can find their profile at

This is the latest way that Snapchat users can follow people. Previously, you could capture someone's QR Snapcode or open Add Nearby when with someone else. Of course, you could also add people in your Contacts list or search for a username.

Snapchat has also added Popular Page and Suggested Accounts, so you can find even more people worth following.

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